Friday, September 24, 2010

Demi Moore Spent of Thousands of Dollars in Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore  recently responded to some comments people that have made incredible by Twitter Monday night. She admits she has her three daughters left with stretch marks and extra skin.

Moore responded to a person who claims that Moore could not get stretch marks and saggy skin, once seen in a photo taken of her old paparazzi on the beach, the beautiful body you have now.

"Still I have excess skin and stretch marks!" she's confirm.

When someone replied to that comment with incredulity, saying he did not, Moore followed with "Ahh hate to break it to you, but I do. It comes with having a few children 4 some of us!"

Before twitter recent comments, a few days before Moore, 46, gave an interview in which he denied having done anything, including:

"It is completely untrue - I never had to do," Moore said, adding: "But I never judge those who have. If what is best for them, then I do not see a problem.

"On the other hand,I do not like the idea of having an operation to support the aging process - is a way to combat neurosis. The knife will not make you happy ...

"That said,the day that I get to mourn when I look in the mirror could be the day that I'm less firm had not. At the moment I prefer to be a beautiful woman my age who try desperately to look 30 years'.

So,we can believe or not to judge demi from look her picture before and after surgery.

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